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GUI Design Tool

I am looking for a GUI design tool.
I don't want it to generate code (like so many eclipse plugins).
I don't care about actions, etc.
I don't want to have to execute a script to look it at. (like glade)
would be perfect if the graphics were like those of a real application.
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Hello allelopath,

Sorry, I don't have what you are looking for. Normally, I always suggest using the target platform to design the GUI. In most platforms, learning how to create forms -- with place-holder images and text boxes -- is just as easy as learning how to use a tool like the one from your link. That way, you are immediately faced with the limitations and default design options of the target platform.

However, I must say I like the "Mockups" a lot. I like them *because* the graphics do not look like any real application. This has several advantages.

* It is immediately visible in what stage of GUI design you are.
* The platform doesn't need to be fixed yet.
* You don't get lost in details like colours, shading, and 3D effects.
* It doesn't contain implicit graphical choices (*)
* It is very easy to use on paper and electronically.
* It's neither platform not system dependant (the Mac version might have a different look and feel than the Linux version).

(*) You should not confuse GUI design with graphical design. If you want the GUI design output to look "real", you are forced to make almost all graphical choices at the wrong time, just to make the sketches "look better". This should be done later, and most often not by the same person.

allelopathAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.
I agree with you about Mockups, those are all advantages. It has been my experience, however, that non-designer/developers don't "see" the GUI well presented this way. Mockups is great for collaborations with designer/developers. I'm looking for something to show others after this collaboration.

If there were a Photoshop or Gimp library of GUI objects (title bars, check boxes, pull downs, etc) that would probaby suit me just fine.
Any library would be totally implementation dependant. As such, your presentation would become meaningful only after a platform has been selected, and after the graphical design has been completed. At that stage, you should also have the first beta screen shots from the development team. That would be the best solution.

On one occasion, I have simply used copy-paste from various screen shots to build a "Frankenstein" preview of what I had in mind. Basically, you could build your library like this as well, by collecting extracts from existing screens and forms.

If you really need to impress non-developers, the best solution would be to give the raw forms to your graphical designer and have him/her create a tentative graphical look and feel for a selection of them. That way, you don't wast any time -- provided you need a graphical template anyway.

Sorry I can't be of more help
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