How to change hyperlink on Flash files

Hi Experts,

I am a complete novice at this, I am trying to make some changes to a flash file, and I dont know where to start.

The file already has links to other pages in my website, but the need to change the extension from html to php.

I have downloaded a trial version of adobe flash developer - I can see the video - but isnt obvious to me how to change the link.

Any light on this would be much appreciated!


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Please don't get me wrong...  I am really scared to hear that you'd want to update the FLA file when you know nothing about the tool...  Honestly, you probably will do more harm than good...  It's better off to ask/hire somebody do the job for you...

Having said that, here is the simplest instruction I can come up with...

Back up your source file & SWF file...
Open Flash IDE and load the source FLA file into it...
Go to Window > Movie Explorer...
Type 'html' in the Find section...
Double click on the line that contains the URL you'd like to change...
UpdateC it to 'php'...
Repeat that process until you are done updating the URLs...
Go File > Save
Go File > Publish

That should generate new SWF file that you can upload to your server...  Test to make sure everything works...


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MWatkins84Author Commented:
Cool perfect - followed those instructions and all good.

Can I add one last thing... I have more SWF files than I have FLA files - anyway of working backwards so I can change the files where I only have SWF? - If you want me to post this in a new question, will do.


Glad to hear that it worked for you...  :)

No, I don't really care about the point, if that's what you are saying...  Thank you though...

I have problem understanding this question...  Can you elaborate abit more???
   "anyway of working backwards so I can change the files where I only have SWF?"

The only thing I can guess is that you somehow want to create a mega SWF that basically contains all the SWFs without breaking the functionality...  Is that what you are asking???  
If that is the case, yes, it can be done, but not without adjusting the ActionScript that's loading external SWFs and it won't be as easy as above instruction...  
Besides, you are potentially creating bigger problem where the size of the initial SWF gets bigger, so the user experience might go down cuz it seems like the site takes whole lot longer to load because you are now asking users to load one large file which might contain something that the user do not want to...  

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MWatkins84Author Commented:
what I meant was, by the sounds of first answer, you work in the FLA files and then publish them to get the SWF file?

If thats the way it needs to be, how can I turn a SWF file into a FLA file so I can make changes to the URLs?


Oh...  You can use SWF Decompilers and convert it to FLA...

I've got to tell you that creating a SWF out of decompiled FLA won't work all the time...  It's best to get the source FLA and work with it...

MWatkins84Author Commented:
thanks mate
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