SharePoint Contents migration: from WSS3 to MOSS 2007


I have 2 sharepoint servers: one is WSS3.0, another MOSS2007, I wonder anyone here has experience in doing Contents/Sites migration between these two.

My goal is to migrate some contents(Lists(documents lib, Calendar)) & subsites from my old WSS3.0 server to my new MOSS 2007 server under different sites & subsite.

Thank you,
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rdcproConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on what type of sites you have, and how you're using them, this could be a fair amount of work, or it might be really simple. There are a couple of difficulties:
If this is a publishing site (more of a web site than a collaboration portal), then:
  • The WSS Site probably has tons of sites, whereas with a MOSS publishing site, you generally have fewer sites, but each site has a pages library with any number of pages in it.  This means you'll need to do some re-organizing.
  • In a WSS site, if you have "generic" content, it's typically put into a content editor web part.  But in a MOSS publishing site, you want to put the content into field controls, because the CEWP isn't persisted in the SharePoint content database with the page.  This means with the CEWP you don't have versioning.  That's true in WSS, too, but then you don't have any choice.
This bottom line is when you transition from a WSS collaboration site to a MOSS intranet (with lots of web content), you generally reorganize the entire site from an information architecture point of view.  This can be a lot of work.
If this is just a collaboration portal in WSS, then you can export the site or back it up and restore it on the MOSS server.  There's no difference between a collaboration portal (regular team site) in WSS and MOSS, except that MOSS has more features available.  I'm not sure you'll be able to back up and restore from WSS to MOSS, though...I've run into troubles in the past with restores where the version or patch level of SharePoint isn't the same, but I haven't tried it with WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007.   Otherwise, you should be able to export the site, or even get a content deployment to work as long as the target MOSS site is configured exactly the same (same features/custom code, if any),  The goal is to get the old site on the new server first, and then re-organze.
Anyway, once you get the old site on the new server, you can use one of the new tools in MOSS, which is the Site Manager page (in the Actions menu, it's called Manage Content and Structure, or just Content and Structure in Site Settings).  However the link to the site manager page won't show up If you don't have the publishing feature activated.  Fortunately, you can get to the page to load by:
This page will allow you to re-organize your site content, if you like. You can move documents around, and retain their version history and metadata.  Just be sure the target library has the same content types and metadata, and the same versioning settings.
Mike Sharp
RHADMINAuthor Commented:
Thank you, rdcpro & vora,
In order to make a meta-data-keeping contents based migration from wss to moss while requiring reorganized contents on moss, I found that and sitemanager proved to be very helpful. Of course, it won't help with other custom solutions/features/templates, which need manually added one by one when necessary.
RHADMINAuthor Commented:
no silver-bullet for sp migration especially when custom components are involved.
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