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i'm new to developing in ASP .NET (C#) (Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition) and was just wondering, adding a script manager component (AJAX) and then adding a tab container component the only way to "add a tab control" in ASP .NET? its not complicated but i guess i'm used to just being able to drop a tab control component onto a form (desk top dev. in Delphi 7). just curious if there is a simpler way...
Michael SterlingWeb Applications DeveloperAsked:
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ICaldwellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are several ways to do it, you will need the script manager somewhere for AJAX support...

There is a lot of documentation on this so I would go this way, I use to use another method in 1.1 where i just copied some html in and it was done, but with AJAX that changed...

There is a guy who made an Tab generator here:

Main Page:

I still suggest going with this method:
RameshSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using ASP.NET Ajax TabContainer control, then you need to use ScriptManager tag.
Check the following links.
ASP.NET AJAX TabContainer  Tips and Tricks  
Lazy Loading the ASP.NET AJAX TabContainer Control
You can  also jQuery based tab control which does not require ScriptManager control. You can see some sample source on jQuery in the following links . 
Michael SterlingWeb Applications DeveloperAuthor Commented:
the above solution is fine however i have another question. in the first link above it discusses how to add different components to each tab and it sounds as if i have to manually add components in the source code. is this the only way to add components to each tab? i simply dragged and dropped a gridview control onto the first panel successfully. how ever when i added another panel and tried to drag a text box or button on to it, it never shows up when the page is running, and actually disappears all together, if i switch back and forth between panels in design mode.
Michael SterlingWeb Applications DeveloperAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help...
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