printer spooler service won't stay started, has error 7031 in event view


A domain connected computer, which has a printer locally attached via USB, and several through a print server on our domain.  Has a printer spooler service problem.  The spooler service won't stay on, if I start it in services.msc, it will go back to off within 3 seconds.  So I can't print to the USB printer or any of the network printers.  All other users in my domain are fine.  In the event view there are many errors for the printer spooler service with an event ID of 7031.  

To make matters worst, this is the CEOs computer, so I have to find a fix asap.  I tried several reboots, and a system restore and nothing.  According to the event viewer this error started this morning, and the user, if I can trust him, says that he didn't do anything that might have caused this.

I did run the microsoft provided spooler cleaner, which I think uninstall all printer drivers.  I checked the dependencies of the spooler and RPC is the only one, and that seems to be working fine.
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AnilKumarSharmaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
i am assuming this is a vista machine as i have seen this before.
it is a printer driver problem.
start deleting the printers and there drivers(open printers and faxes {file - server properties then drivers tab).
do this one at a time till you find the culprit then add your printers back with fresh vista drivers.

i have seen this with non standard printers (pdf printer) as well.

If the links above don't work...

You said "I think uninstall all printer drivers".  Manual do that yourself and make sure you use the most current print driver offered by the printer's manufacturer.

inferno521Author Commented:
the links provided didn't match up completely with my case, but were close enough
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