Can a DVD drive corrupt the discs?

I have a Sony DVD read/write drive in a computer that's running Ubuntu 9.04 desktop 64 bit.  I primarily use it for VMware 2.0 server and build virtual servers, mostly Cisco Unified
Communications applications for my lab.  Over the past months, Numerous discs will work the first time, that is, I'm able to build the virtual machine with it.  But, the second or third time the disc won't read or the install will fail.  And, on most of the apps, there is a media check before installation.  The disc will pass the first time but fail thereafter.  The discs all seem to involve media with a purple bottom.  Could the disc player be corrupting these?  If so, how do I stop it?  When I create an ISO file and install that, the install will fail at the same place as the disc.  What to do Next?
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Could be the DVD drive that is faulty.

May be overheating after the first disk.  I'd try another DVD drive to see if that fixes the problem.

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thadleyAuthor Commented:
I tried replacing it and now it is reading one of the discs that previously failed the "media check" on the other drive.  Still other discs from the factory fail the media check.  So, it partially worked.  Are there known issues with the Sony DVD drives?  Could I need another driver for Ubuntu?  Any other suggestions?  Thanks.
>> Are there known issues with the Sony DVD drives?

None that I'm aware of.  Generally regarded as OK.

>> Could I need another driver for Ubuntu?


>> Any other suggestions?

What media brand are you using?  Some are better than others.  For example disks made with Taiyo Yuden media are regarded as excellent.

See for indications of good media.
thadleyAuthor Commented:
The media is TDK, which, according to the link you gave, is good quality.  Thanks for the link, it's pretty informative about the media.  Since I switched the DVD drive and some media is now passes the "media check" for my apps, I'll take that as the problem.  Thanks for the response.
thadleyAuthor Commented:
Not totally sure if the drive corrupted the media or not  simply by reading it, only that the drive is a problem.
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