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Cannot boot Windows 7 after motherboard installation

Hi Everyone,

My previous motherboard died and so i bought an ASUS M4A785D-M Pro today, i installed it into the machine but i am unable to boot into windows 7

Windows 7 does begin to load (the swirling circles forming into the windows logo) but just as it is about to leave this stage it throws a BSOD.

In this situation i'd pull the new hardware, load windows, install the drivers then try again but i can't really do that when the old motherboard is dead.

Any advice?

Thanks, Xavier.
3 Solutions
You have to re-install Windows 7 from the disc, and upon booting the PC.
One option is to boot with your W7 DVD (prior change boot sequence in BIOS) and try and do
However,I am sceptical because W7 in the hidden partition stores motherboard info
Your best option would be to take the disk out,attach it to another system and recover
important data.Then do a fresh (clean) install.
Repairing takes as much time as a new install so unless you have data to save I
would advise you to do a clean install once more.
You never know what you might end up with the repair option...
Hi Xavier,
you need to reinstall windows, you can't just switch motherboards on the fly ( you can if they have the same or similar chipsets)
locdangAuthor Commented:
thanks everyone
You can Try these steps:
1. try to start windows 7 in safe mode. If it starts enable "show hidden devices" in device manager and disable video, audio and LAN devices of previous board and restart the PC in normal mode. This has to work.
2. Get the Windows 7 DVD and launch repair Tool.
3. Launch repair startup.
If this also fails you need to repair the O.S
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