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what is mean by runtime error in c and c++

please give me an brief information about runtime error in c and c++
3 Solutions
Run time error is the error occurred at program execution time.
Like a=b/c;
If the value of c is 0 at run time, it will give a division by zero error.
Run-time errors in c & c++ because of Memory leak (improper use of dynamic memory allocation and free) or Arithmetic errors(divide by zero)
One can't, there are too many possiblities, two are mentioned above. But what happens on any "reaction" of undefined behaviour? It may or may not give runtime exceptions. So what are the "implications "of one-off errors?
There may or may not be a problem with it. Nobody knows. What are the results of accessing some data-structures after a cast. May or may not result in runtime errors.

The only thing you can say about runtime errors.
- the occure during run-time
- and quite important they have passed through the compiler so you have no "compile-time" error.

A memory leak does not have an implication during runtime. Just if you get enough of them you will run out of memory, but in these days with 4 GB as "minimum" your program has to run quite a while, but in the case you have something like this

while(true) {
  mem = malloc(a_big_number);


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