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External hard drive freezes the computer

My Toshiba mini external hard drive was working fine until I removed it without going through "Safely Remove" step. Now, when I connect it to the computer, computer refuses to boot. If the computer is already running and I connect this drive, the computer freezes. The results are the same when I connect it to any other computer.
I wonder what went wrong. The data is not important. It actually is a back-up.I would like to erase this data, however, if the drive is indeed a gonner. How should I delete this data? Would a strong magnet do?
1 Solution
Does the drive work on another computer?  If not, it probably is a gonner.  :-)

If it does work on another computer, you'll be able to format it and see hoe that goes.  As for a magnet, I am not sure it would work - I would take a hammer to it.  :-)

Good luck!
If the data is not important it is better you format it. You can do this by putting any OS CD and recreate all the partition and install new OS as well. After the installation put USB Boot  on first priority.
Hello SeekingKnowledge,
You say that it does not work on any other computer, and I would suggest that you try a couple more computers anyway, preferably with different operating systems.

If you do manage to get a computer to accept the drive and not hang, then do the following:
* Right click on My Computer
* Choose "Manage"
* Click on "Disk Management" (under Storage)
* Locate the physical disk in the list, and delete any partitions that may appear there.
* Create a new primary partition to fill the disk, choose NTFS for its type

If you do not manage to get a computer to accept the disk, and you feel a little adventurous, I would suggest that you try under a Linux live CD:
* Download and burn a live CD (such as the latest Ubuntu.)
* Boot it up
* Attach the drive, and see if you can figure out its name
* Use linux's fdisk to erase all partitions, and create a new one
* Boot back into Windows, and format the new partition
>>   was working fine until I removed it without going through "Safely Remove" step  <<   i doubt this is the problem - it would still be "seen" by any pc then.
i think it is more probably it jut died then -  OR  you shorted pins by removing it.
inspect it's connections closely first
you can try these (but not if it freezes or does not boot when connected) :
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