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Router drops connection every 24 hours

I have a client which has a number of computers on their network, and all computers connect through a single Billion BiPAC 7300RA router.

They have two branches set up like this in different geographical locations, each network having their own Billion BiPAC 7300RA router.

The problem is that, once the ADSL connection uptime reaches 23:59:59, none of the computers on the network can browse the internet or connect to their email.  The only way to resolve this is to reset the router.

So, in order to keep their network up, the routers have to be restarted every 24 hours.

I have to log in to their routers remotely, and restart them - every single day.

It appears as though, when the router reaches 24 hours up-time, it stops all internet communications.  BUT, and here's confusing part - even after 24 hours have lapsed (and the users can no longer browse) I can still log in to the router remotely.... i.e. the router MUST still be communicating externally.

I have checked and the Time Schedule feature on the router (for controlling when browsing may occur) is not enabled.

So, why does the router stop the computers from accessing the internet, and more importantly, how do I resolve this problem?

The problem happens on both routers, so I can probably rule out a faulty router.  I have tried 3 different ISP's and the problem occurs with all 3.  The branches are in two different locations, so they are using 2 different ADSL lines.

If you need further specifics, please ask!  Thanks!!
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I have been looking on the WEB and can see quite a few issues related to drop outs between 1 - 30 hours, I would advise to make sure firmware is up to date and if this fails to raise a case with Billion

try upgrade to latest firmware (1.06g)

then reset to factory and setup it again ,, check now
mediabrandAuthor Commented:
I have already updated the firmware, and reset to factory several times, neither of these made any difference.
mediabrandAuthor Commented:
Raised a case with Billion, who assisted me.  The problem was the NAT not functioning correctly.

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