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Performance Analysis of SQL 2005 database


i have a SQL production server that has started to get quite slow when using various parts of the front end application. Tasks that used to take a second to commit now take 5-6 seconds.

Can anyone advise on
1) good general steps on performance analysis
2) any features/configs to look out for that may be enabled that cause performance issues
3) anything server specific that i could change etc

i am running sql 2005 on server 2003 ent

1 Solution
why don't you go for perfmon to find out the bottleneck?

have a look at following links:



apart from these, you can see profiler to find out what is going on with your server, may be your indexes are not properly maintained and you need to update the stats.

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meteorelecAuthor Commented:
cheers guys, ill have a read at these and see how i get on

ill be back with questions im sure!
meteorelecAuthor Commented:
ok, i ran perf mon for a day or so , and have alot of facts and figures
the stats that stand out immediatly are
1)PhysicalDisk(1 D:)\Avg. Disk Queue Length - max is getting up to 187 to as low as 0
2)PhysicalDisk(1 D:)\ % Disk Time 17386.9988397381 to as low as  0
disk D is where the sql database is installed, are these numbers maybe normal enough for daily operation? or are they a sign of an issue?
meteorelecAuthor Commented:
got the issue!
 there is 4 databases running on the server, each had full recovery mode enabled which as soon as i switched to simple recovery mode i am back at full speed

performance monitor helped greatly as the stats reflected immedialty a difference when i disabled the logging

cheers for the help guys!

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