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How to trace a wifi network signal?

We are running a network with a Windows 2003 Server and clients running Windows XP Professional.  Somehow a node is pumping into the system a 192.168&. IP address which is causing all kind of hassles. We suspect it is a wireless router. Is there any device or method out there with one can determine the actual physical location of that router in a very large building? That is, something like a signal tracer, etc?
Erwin Krisch
Erwin Krisch
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Take a look at

Once you have a MAC address for the device, you should be able to find out which port of your (Hopefully!) managed switches it's plugged into and shut it down - you'll also know where it is in the building because you (hopefully!) know which port goes where in your building.
See also
under "Detecting Rogue DHCP Servers"

configure another device with a 192.168.x.x address in the same /24 subnet and ping the rogue device.

Look in the arp table

arp -a

look for the mac address of the rogue device and as discusfish suggested look at the mac address table of your switches to find which port it's connected to.
The free wireless tool from Xirrus running on a laptop could help. It will show you all of the wifi routers nearby and has a locate function that goes by relative signal strength but that can be used to narrow down the physical location.
There are tools like Fluke that have directional vs signal strength location finding capability and with an external antenna that can be attached do a very good job of finding wifi signal sources. However, those are pretty expensive.

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