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Hi, I have 30 PCs on a SBS 2003 Domain, I can use remote desktop to control the server but im then trying to use netmeeting to take control of the users workstations. They all logon to the domain. I can connect to them using remote desktop but this automatically logs them off and i can then logon but i want to be able to take control of their screen to see what their doing and not be logging them off and on.
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wookiermConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In order for you to see their desktop via a netmeeting call, the user must ensure that they have shared their desktop to you.

1. Connect to the user via Netmeeting.

2. The user must then go to tools - Sharing.

3. In the pop up window double click on desktop.

4. You now can see the users desktop with out control.

If you require to take control of the desktop and not lock the user out, you will have to look on the net for either open source or commercial software. We use CA Uni Center very slow though wouldn't recommend it.
PeterNairnAuthor Commented:
Can this be setup so the user doesn't have to select the share desktop everytime ?

ie No intervention from the user
As far as I have seen there is no way within Netmeeting to do this. There are some tools out there, please wait I'll get ASAP.
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