How do I fix reminders in Outlook 2007 when I get the error "There was a problem reading one or more reminders. Some reminders may not appear"?

I've had this error for the longest time every time Outlook 2007 is opened.  The e-mail account is POP3, so all the e-mails are on the hard drive in the PST file.

I have tried "outlook /resetfolders", "outlook /cleanreminders" running scanpst, and even copying all the calendar events to a new calendar.  The error still occurs and reminders still haven't appeared.

I'm aware that there is software that can repair PSTs other than scanpst but I don't know what works or if it is worth paying for it.  So if there is a free alternative, that would be great.

Does anyone know how to resolve this without having to delete the PST?
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Verify that the list of data files on Account Settings.
For any Personal Folder.pst listed twice (same location.) If so remove one of the duplicate entry.

If above doesnt work then close out look and at run type
Outlook.exe  /cleanreminders
and verify problem has gone or not if not then again close outlook and
Outlook.exe       /cleanroamedprefs

for more info

Finally if all above left some chances then look at


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I don't undrestand what your problem is. If there is a old reminder comming up everyday then do the following
Under your outlook gå to fuction and organis. Then  us showing and click outlook -datafile. then you can see your reminder as text and format. then remove reminder or change format
starcontrollerAuthor Commented:
There aren't any reminders popping up at all, not even old ones.

I'm sorry Asr, I don't understand your text.
Most probably my first step will resolve your problem.
starcontrollerAuthor Commented:
I found a PST file in the same location twice.  I removed the duplicate entry.  I ran outlook /cleanroamedprefs and everything is working great, especially the reminders which popped up right after.

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