How to insert minus sign (-) into column field

I know that this may be a simple question, but I am not too familiar with SQL and have not been able to find a solution.  In a SQL 2005 Database table, I am trying to update a column field with a '-'.

As an example, I want to fill the column field 'code' with '12345-6789'.  The problem is that when I attempt to do this, the SQL Query sees this as a request for the difference of the 2 numbers (12345 - 6789 = 5556), resulting in a field value of 5556.

Is there anyway to add the '-' into the column field, without having it subtract the values before and after it?
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select cast(1234 as varchar(4)) + '-' + cast(342 as varchar(3)) from tablename
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
you have to use single quotes to delimit the string:

UPDATE yourtable
  SET yourfield = '12345-6789'
 WHERE ...

instead of:

UPDATE yourtable
  SET yourfield = 12345-6789
 WHERE ...


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Change your column datatype to varchar
update table_name
set code = col1 + '-' + col2
where <your_condiontion>

try this
moonraker12Author Commented:

That worked perfectly.  I ran:

update table
set column = '12345-6789'

and got the desired outcome.

Thank you.
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