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Slow BackUP to Server

Slow data transfer to serverQuestion: Hello,
Backup activity across the network involving the server appears VERY slow, or is it???

Server is:
HP DL380 G4 with 6xU320 300GB 10K drives, 6GB RAM Win Server 2008 STD, Gigabit LAN
The computer currently backing up is:
Pentium 3.4 Extreme, 9xU320 drives 148 to 300GB 10K & 15K, ASUS P4c800, 4GB RAM WinXPpro, Gigabit LAN
The Router is:
D-Link DIR 655 Extreme N Gigbit Router. It auto sets the LAN ports 10/100/1000 gbps
Both computers use Category 6 wired LAN connections to the router.

Backup generally seems very slow. The current backup is used for an example.

Currently Acronis True Image is making an image of the OS partition on the PC (the tower not the Server) This partition is about 140GB with  a bit over 80GB used. Normal compression is used in Acronis which is normally about 2:1. There should therefor not be much more than 40GB to compress and move.

The disk on the server to take the image is part of a RAID array. The file is sent to its own folder.

Local Area Network Status on each machine notes the 1GBPS connection. On the sending machine when timed that shows about 250MB per minute sending. The receiving Server shows a bit over 200MB per minute. Sounds very slow to me. There would be error checking I imagine but 200 x 5 moves 1GB in 5 minutes therefore 40 GB should move in about 3.3 hours. It is set to check the result, I am sure it does not but even if that doubled that time it is a lot worse than that.

Acronis says the process will take 12 hours.

It took nearly that time to resurrect one 300GB drive in RAID and it took probably half as long again to backup 200GB using Acronis.

Is there any thing I can do to speed this up? Is it possible that this is anything like normal?

Just now that I get to the end it slowly dawns on me that I have been talking GigaBIT speed and GigaBYTE data. That should make the task 8 times as large I suppose. If it can theoretically move 1Gbps shouldn't it be able to move nearly 125 MB/second not 250mb per minute?

Thank You.
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1 Solution
My guess is that you have set Acronis True Image to backup free sectors, this slows a lot and usually don't need, it's better to not need it.

>>If it can theoretically move 1Gbps shouldn't it be able to move nearly 125 MB/second not 250mb per minute?
>Acronis True Image for DOS, should be slower.
I would make sure that i have DOS driver for the hard disk i use to backup.
JAIDAuthor Commented:
I think  you are right about backup of free sectors but had better not check at the moment as the operation is half way through (1am here and this will just about be out of the way by morning if I don't stuff with it :-) )

I should have been more specific. I am using Acronis True Image Home. I suppose the DOS version would operate in XP.

Your last comment is a bit beyond me (a novice) I think Visual3D... is that Dos Driver for Acronis DOS running off the backup Disk? Both these machines run their disks on SCSI subsystems (embedded in the case of the server)
Just tell me, you have made a cd,floppy or flash stick and launch Acronis True Image directly from it or you first boot XP.
JAIDAuthor Commented:
I just run Acronis True Image HOME from the sending tower, the computer I am on at the moment. So I have booted into XP and operate from there.
In this case it's no need for that driver.

>>is that Dos Driver for Acronis DOS running off the backup Disk?
>yes, should state in config.sys the path to it.
In fact it depends of the storage controller, whether it provides or not a DOS driver.
Without it, hard disk could choose a prev UDMA mode, slower than the actual.
JAIDAuthor Commented:
A partial solution, other measures added further benefit and I suspect there is a bit further to go still. Thanks.
It's ok thanks, anyway you should have lead the discussion or ask. For me it was clear you already have a solution, hardware + software that you use and "free sectors" solved the speed issue as i understand. Acronis True Image seemd to be faster than Ghost but recently i have discovered another one cool and i recomment it:
Image for DOS
load it on a memory stick :D
Also it can backup without swap or page files and without hybernation file, can backup/restore Vista, W7, and it works fine with the EMBR that lets you have hundreads of primary partitions instead just 4 :D if you use Boot It loader manager.
I don't know if Image for DOS works faster than Acronis True Image, i'll be interested to know, to make an idea just, not to give up to IFD.
It is for DOS so you might need DOS drivers for the SCSI controller you have there, to increase the speed.
Image for Windows if you need, has a addon named PHYLock that lets you backup while inside Windows
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