VBA Automation Error -2147024770 "The specified module could not be found"

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Microsoft Excel 2003

This error cropped up on all my Excel applications??

I've done plenty of research, but there seems to be so many causes.

I have a reference for Microsoft XML, v4.0 in all my applications since the existing code all uses DOMDocument40 xml docs.

Function newJBXMLRequest(sessionID As String) As DOMDocument40
I declare this variable:
Dim result As New DOMDocument40

Error happens on this line:
Set session = result.createAttribute("Session")

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I've done some further testing on my machine and now my VB.Net apps get the same error....ouch.

Dim jb As New JBRequestProcessor()
Dim response As String

Error "The specified module could not be found"  happens on this line:
response = jb.ProcessRequest(strXmlRequestDoc)

I've already uninstalled the product that owns this com object reference and went to an older version that used to be fine on my machine.  Not sure if a microsoft service pack or update has now deadlocked my vb apps or what.
I have had this problem when I develop on a 64bit machine and deploy to a 32bit one.

To fix, I have to edit the app on 32bit, save and republish.  The 64bit machines seem to cope with the different locations for the DLL/COM objects but 32bit doesnt.
I guess a component is missing from your system.

Make sure all DLLs (c:\Windows\System32\msxml4.dll) that your system uses are installed on the target system.

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