VMware converter dies: fatal error from loss of network connection?

I'm erroring out on converting a physical machine with the vCenter Converter Standalone.  I can do it for other machines just fine, but I get the fatal error below while trying to setup the job.

The first couple prompts I progress right through, but it says "verifying destination parameters", then "preparing next step", then dies.  I do the same thing for other machines without incident.  The host appears fine, and accepts other machines.

See error below.  Thanks.
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What is the OS you are trying to P2V? Not all OS can be remotely P2V
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
Win 2003 Server, 64 bit.  Enterprise, I think.  I have another server just like it (or so I think) that I just did without issue.  In fact, I once virtualized this server on a different host.
If downtime is not an issue, I suggest to restart the win2k3 server then restart the vmware converter agent server service and try p2v again
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IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
I tried that yesterday.  When it didn't work,I went ahead and restarted it.  I then tried again last night and today with the same failures.  I just restarted all services, and still have the same issue.  
If you are willing to try something different then get Storagecraft Shadow Protect Server from http://www.storagecraft.com/shadow_protect_server.php
The 30day trial is fine with no limitation
Create a disk image from of the win2k3 server, the resulting image will be a compressed .spf file
Convert this spf file to VM using vmware converter http://www.vmware.com/products/converter/

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IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
That's an option.  I don't really want another layer.  I'm definitely ruling it out, though.

I really want this issue resolved with out another 3rd party solution.
Ok so try to do cold conversion instead, but you need to have the converter bootable iso
Cold conversion is the best way to do P2V
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
I'm not following.  I'm fairly green at this virtualization stuff.
What you have been doing so far is hot conversion, OS is running on physical server
You can also do cold cloning, OS is totally shutdown, you need to download the converter iso from vmware then burn it to disc
You boot your server using that disc to start P2V
The iso is only available for those with enterprise license
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
Hmm.  We don't have Enterprise yet.
OK verify/checkl all required ports are not blocked

Hopefully this may help http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1010341
IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  Those are great links, and unfortunately I've already read them.  Everything is "working".  I just haven't opened a ticket with VMware.
Well i have no other idea for now except using the disk imaging tool
Btw, its not really different layer, just another method of doing it and totally supported by vmware
See below taken directly from vconveter faq

What 3rd party images are supported with VMware vCenter Converter?
VMware vCenter Converter can currently import system images (Windows operating system only) from:

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (formerly LiveState Recovery)
Symantec Backup Exec
Norton Ghost
Acronis True Image
Parallels Desktop
It can also import Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server formats.

IntercareSupportAuthor Commented:
Ok, I stopped complaining, and tried this solution.  It worked very well.  I still don't know what the problem was, but it works using that third party tool.

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