Unable to remove user from builtin/administrators group

I have a domain account that I am unable to remove from the domain builtin/administrators group.  When I attempt to do so I get a "cannot perform this operation on Builtin accounts".  I have been able to successful remove other accounts from this group without an error.  The account appears as all other domain accounts with the exception it was in the enterprise admins group but has been removed.  This is a "viral" account used by everyone to login everywhere.  I'm trying to rein it in by adding it to local admins group on those servers with apps it controls.  Removing it from builtin/administrators is the last piece of the puzzle and it has me stumped.

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maxim_semenovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It looks like this account is a renamed Built-In Administrator account.
You cannot remove it from Administrators group.

If you still need an "account used by everyone to login everywhere", you'd better to:
1) Rename current account back to "Administrator" or anything else (you should also change a logon name) and change its password.
2) Create a new account with the same logon name and password, as current "shared" account has.
3) Give a new account all the permissions and privileges, it needs.

So, your users will still login with the same name/password, but will not get administrative permissions.

Good luck!
kathryntgAuthor Commented:
Your first comment about it being the renamed buiiltin/administrator account was spot-on.  I missed the forest for the trees.  Thanks for the help.
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