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Hi all, anybody know if there is any application to convert a Virtual machine into a Phisical Machine?.
I have read the solution given by VMWare http://www.vmware.com/support/v2p/index.html but seems to be low effective, i mean Sysprep + ghost, and then what about hard drive disk controller drivers?
It must be a better solution or way to do it !
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Make it easy.

Download a trial version of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery or Acronis TrueImage.  Install on VM and image.

Restore to physical hardware using the recovery CD from either product.  It will restore the server onto new hardware.  Remove vmware tools and install hardware specific drivers.  Both products will do dissimilar hardware restores.
I do this at work all the time using Acronis Workstation or Acronis Server.

Be sure to purchase the universal restore add-on

Going from VM to Physical:

Create Acronis TIB for virtual machine (using boot disk or installed software)
Run boot disk on physical system and have TIB archive on a USB drive or Network share.
Use Universal restore option
Add any needed drivers, HDD, RAID, so they system can boot.
set other options as needed
boot into windows and continue installing software packages and drivers for items like sounds card.  
Drivers that are not needed for booting, can be installed after the system is up.

If the VM was orignially a physical machine, and the drivers were already there, you should be able to move from one to the other without much work.  After I restore back to physical I un-install vmware tools and leave the rest alone.


Ok, thanks

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