How do I update my Video Driver after upgrading my OS to Windows 7

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Had to upgrade to Windows 7 as many of my networking file and printer sharing problems just got to be too much. Once I did that wallah all went away. Amazing and they let Microsoft get away with charging us twice for what we should have had working in the first place. Well enjoy your patte of caviar Mr. Gates I just bought you another spoonful.

Now I have another problem. I have tried to install an update to a product several times and when I try the screen flickers and goes brown or sometimes black. I then have to restart and try again.
I went to the Device Manager and found a Yellow symbol next to the Multimedia Video Controller. I attempted to update and install the software and I get Windows cannot find the driver for this software.

Does anyone know what I can do to figure this one out. I cannot seem to install anything while having this problem. Please advise thank you.

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You'll need to know which video card you have or if you bought a prebuilt system, the model of that system to locate the manufacturer information.
Right click on the Multimedia video controller and un-install the driver software -> Place check mark on - remove the driver software compltely for this device and click ok. Restart the machine and your system will try to automatically look for drivers and will install it.

If still have problems , try this..

click update driver software for this device.
It will prompt you to
Option 1 - Automatically Install driver software for this device - Choose if you have internet connection on your machine, this will look for updated drivers from Manufacturer site \ Windows updates.
Option 2 - Let me choose the driver software - choose this option incase if you have the driver files on your computer hard drive.

Option 3 - Incase if you have the drivers & utilities disc with you. Please insert the disc and install the driver software for the Video adapater and restart the machine.

Option 4 - You can browse the System manufacturer site ( Dell, HP, Acer, Toshibha,etc.) using the system model no and download the latest driver software for the device and install it.

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I found out that the person that sold me that what I needed to look up was related to the board. The Multimedia Video Controller is on a Intel Board called GMA 3000. I went to the Intel site and did a search on the GMA 3000 and it came back with links to Graphic Controllers and I am sorry for my ignorance but is a multimedia video controller the same as a graphic controller? Otherwise I do not see a similar version. Does this help you. I cannot install anything even the Intel driver updater tool without having the screen flicker and black out the screen all together. The computer stays on but of course I cannot see to navigate. Any thoughts?
If I remove the Multimedia Video Controller (uninstall it) won't that cause me to loose the screen anyway then I might be "blind so to speak navigating the desktop" or am I wrong about that?
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No if you un-install the driver that is currently loaded (Faulty driver) on your computer then only you will be able to load the updated or the latest driver software without any issues.

Regarding the un-installation, dont worry whenever the driver software for the graphic card is un-installed, the computer locates for the compatible driver from driver store. If found, it would try to install the compatible driver otherwise Windows 7 will load the standard VGA driver as default one until you install the latest. So dont worry abt un-installing the current one.

If you could provide me the model no of your machine, I can suggest you the driver download link.

Anyways, My suggestion as of now would be go to manufacturer site, download the motherboard driver software and the video adpater driver software and install it one by one.Multimedia video controller & graphic controller are same in functionality.

That should probably take care of your problem. If not, give me the model of your system or custom built, provide the Graphic card model no.
Incase of Onbaord graphics card, provide the details of Motherboard.

Make sure, you first un-install the current driver with the steps i provided before.All the best!!!
From the info provide above, Intel GMA 3000. I see that your Chipset should be Intel® Q965 Express Chipset.

Download link for Intel GMA 3000 for windows 7

But First make sure, you un-install the current driver and restart the machine. Then install the downloaded one.
is it dell? tag??
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It seems to be working and even though I updated with the drivers you so brilliantly noted above when I go to device manager. It still says Multimedia Video Controller is not working or has the "yellow flag on it" I was able to finiall start installing stuff again which was a huge help. Thank you. If you think that issue is nothing to worry about. I will award points.
Although it's working but u still don't have correct drivers and won't be "most" out of your card. If it's a Dell system, please give me service tag. I can help you get correct driver.
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It is not a dell it is a Gateway Chasis and board I bought from Does that help.
Can you confirm which chipset is this? If you bought the board seperately, you must have the box or documentation to confirm.
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Can this be identified under Display Adapters in the Device Manager if so it says
Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family. Does this help you? as AbdulRahim085: also stated that it should be and that is what is under the Display Adapters.
1) Go to this site:
2) Click on "drivers and download"
3) Click on "enter a tag"
4) type the service tag of your machine
5) On the list that will be showed, select "Windows 7 32 bits"
6) Go to "Video", on the list
7) Donwload the driver.
8) Install, reboot and check device manager!

If still fails, please inform the service tag so I can post here the exact link to your machine driver.
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Sir you are not paying attention the machine is not a DELL. I do not have a service tag to put into the site.
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Arhhh.....I thought the problem was corrected and here we go again the video display went out again this time to a beige colored screen. I did exactly what I was told to do. Does anyone know what might cause this?
Create a restore point before you proceed this steps as a precautionary measure:-

Check 1:-
Did you check to update your Monitor drivers for your PC. Is it a LCD monitor or CRT? Loom for the drivers disc, try to un-install the current one and install the updated driver software.

Check 2:-
Go to Programs & Features, look for any display software installed on your machine or not. If appears, remove it also.

Check 3:-

This time un-install the driver software for Multimedia Video controller or your video adapter using the steps I provided you earlier and restart the machine.

A driver will be automatically loaded to your computer hardware - Note down the driver version of it from Device properties - Driver tab.

Now update the driver which you downloaded from the Intel Manufacturer site and install it. Check whether there is a change in driver version under Device properties.

restart the machine and check whether the issue is resolved. Put the system in test period for coupel of days.

Do you know the model no or service tag of your Gateway machine? If so please post it.. Thanks...

All the best!!!
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Here is what I ordered from 

I have tried your suggestions and I am afraid to say that they are not working.
I have even tried in Intel updater tool which tells me my drivers are all up to date.
What I cannot seem to tell is whether what I have downloaded in drivers is the correct thing. I as no where on the Intel site does it say where to get the Multimedia Video Controller. There are variations of the word but I still do not know what is right download. I hate to either be obviously stupid or apparently ignorant. But the darn driver is either correct and simply will not work or I have done something wrong.

 Any more thoughts on this one . I am lost. Thank you for getting me this far.

Here is your driver:

Storage Manager:

You will need to install both the driver and Intel matrix storage manager.
Before installing these, ensure that you remove your existing drivers. Just go to device manager and delete/uninstall whatever you see under display adapters. Then restart your system and install the driver and storage manager. Hope this helps :).
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I have done this 6 different times. None of them work. I cannot get the driver error to go away. Everything I have done has failed. I do not know what to do. It is like a bad recurring dream. I have installed everything you stated and I am sorry to say still no success. I have a little more hair to pull out. Do you know of anything else that could be stopping this? Thank you for your persistence.
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Through all your efforts I was able to find the problem. The video drivers are updated. We had a seperate video card conflicting with the one I had been updating the drivers for. Thanks again for all those that helped.

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