Count records and give summary in an Access 2007 Report

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I want to create a report that looks like this:

Employee                 LC      CC      Advising      Signature TOTALS
Dan Poff                      28      45      31      17      121
Nicole Barnett      31      42      30      9      112
Megan Gilmore      10      11      29      8      58
Shanna Conner      32      46      30      5      113
Jodi Bontreger      29      62      34      7      132
TOTALS                     130      206      154      46      536

The tables hold one record for each time a student comes in to see an employee in our office.  So those numbers in the report would have to be a count of all students that came to see a certain employee for a certain reason (LC, CC, Advising, etc.)

I can create a report that lists all employees and every student they saw with a total for each employee, but I just want the total count, not a listing of all of the students.  How would I create this?
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Hello mkelly2384,

You can use the crosstab query wizard to create a crosstab query returning those results, and then create a
report based on that crosstab query.




I got it.  Thanks for the help!

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