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Hey everyone -
Seems like every 6 weeks or so my machine starts slowing down and the RAM usage goes waaaaay up.  I've got a 4gb RAM in my computer (which I know really only gives me 3GB space).

Anyway, the probable cause is some kind of malware, but I have three different paid malware versions I have run recently and none have helped.
I've had it with this issue and do not want to try any other fixes.  I'm thinking about replacing the enitre operating system.

For GENERAL use, what is a good alternative to Windows?  Where can I find information on BOTH the advantages and disadvantages?

SPECIFICALLY:  What might be a good alternative for MY type of use?  Here are some ways I use my machine:  It is the main machine I use in my business.  I use Windows Office HEAVILY (altho if push comes to shove I could move to open office), I download files to excel and pdf ALOT, I frequently have 5+ windows open, I'm HEAVILY on the internet - both searches and different secure and unsecure sites.  I'm not your "basic" user.  I would not say I was pro, but I AM a power user.

Is this something where I should try to un-install Windows myself and re-insall the new os or (as I imagine) it would be safer to pay someone to do this for me?

Hope this gives enuf info to get me started.  If not, get back with me!  Thank you!
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Well to start with Windows Vista is a horrible OS, so im not supprised your having problems with it being slow. IT IS SLOW!

Normaly i would be pushing to go over to maybe Ubuntu or redhat as they arnt really that much differnet from windows so its a quite good start for first time linux users.

But with the release of windows 7 i cant really say anything to a normal user but to go for that, pretty much everything is compatible, it isnt that expensive. its easy to install and easy to use, its fast and looks pretty good.
And you wont need to go over to open office :)
Oh yeh, about the upgrade to windows 7, you basicly put the dvd in press next next next custom install next next and your done :)
Finds all your drivers for you so your up and running in about 45min tops.


Actually, I'm looking for any alternative that is NOT windows.  My vista actually does run smoothly most of the time.  That being said, when it slows down I havent' been able to locate the reason.  And I get sick of the slow downs every 6 weeks or so.

I will look into Ubuntu and Redhat.  But to repeat my other questions:

Where can I find information on BOTH the advantages and disadvantages?
Is this something where I should try to un-install Windows myself and re-insall the new os or (as I imagine) it would be safer to pay someone to do this for me?
    I would rather not install it as a separate OS.

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Ah ok, well lets give this a shot.

To start with all linux distributions are free, the are open for you to do pretty much what you want with them (if you know how) and they are rock solid.
The only reason for a linux OS to go up the creak is pretty much down to  user error or hardware failures. The linux comunity always seems to be one step ahead of microsoft, lots of the stuff in windows is just a remade version of some linux software.

To the downside, there can be some hardware issues with linux, some hardware manufacturers can be very slow when releasing hardware (and some dont even bother at all). Something as simple as a USB memory can be hell to get running. And you also have the disadvantage that lots of software just wont run in linux. There are often good alterantives but when there isnt, your pretty much screwed im afraid.

If your not sure how to uninstall an operating system i think you might have trouble getting linux running.
If you have any friends who are good at IT and you can get past the inital setup and help with any problems you may have but if not i would stick to windows.

This is only my point of view

This webpage has a pretty fair comparison of Windows vs linux

Good Luck!
I must recommend you UBUNTU 9.10,


Ruebenwelsh -= a GREAT  source if info and 04it040- I'll probably go with ubuntu when/if I make that decision..thanks to all!

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