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I am a novice at Crystal Reports.  I have billing software that utilizes Access/SQL as it's database back end. I am attempting to build a report in Crystal Reports from that Access (which will be later converted to SQL) database.

My problem comes with the Memo field.  When the user enters data into the Memo field, they have the choice as to which font they use as well as utilizing formatting such as underlines, bold and the like.   I created my report to use a specific font for all fields - including the Memo field.  However, when I generate that report, the MEMO field appears as the USER entered it...with all the formatting.

I tried to change the "Text Interpretation" box in Crystal Reports from "RTF" to "NONE", and it returned the following example:

{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}}
\viewkind4\uc1\pard\fs20 Verify Glickenhaus wire deposit, make online bill payments, prepare check run, make 2010 folders, create cash activity reports, box up old files\par

I did notice that there is a formula workshop button next to the Text Interpretation there a formula I can apply that will force the memo field to use the font I chose for the report - not the one the user chose in the application?

I hope that made sense?
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I can't see how you can deal with tbis in CR.  You could have all sorts of formatting code anywhere within the text.

You need to create a query in Access that uses the Plaintext() function on the memo fields. That will get rid of the html.  Use that query as the source for your report.


Okay, I was afraid of that. I think I should leave that one alone.

I am designing the bills for our new billing program and the powers that be want the data entry to begin NOW.  I am not done with the bill design.  There is a way to control what font is entered into the MEMO field, but since we hadn't made a final decision on the font or style, I didn't want people to enter their time in various fonts and have it show up on the bill like that.   Looks like we have to make the design decision first.

Thanks for clearing that up so fast for me. Now I can get this handled.
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If the data is saved as RTF the only way I can think to handle it in a specific font would be a formula that replaced font names with the desired font ot a formula that stripped the TF code and left the text to be displayed.


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