iMail Keeping Drafts After Message Sent - Exchange 2007 backend

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I help support a network of mostly windows clients, but we have a few Macs thrown into the mix as well.
We run a Windows Server 2008 SBS that also hosts Exchange 2007

I recently set up the Mac clients on iMail which supports Outlook Anywhere.  

All is well except for one nuisance.  Occasionally when a Mac user drafts & then sends an email iMail keeps a copy of the draft even after the message is sent.  The message is delivered successfully - so it is not a major issue, just an irritation - but then they have to go & manually delete their drafts.  It seems to happen randomly - it will happen on about 1 of every 10 messages or so that are sent out.

I should mention this is with Snow Leopard Clients which (to the best of my knowledge) is required for iMail to support Outlook Anywhere.

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