Looking for a rich text editor(textbox) like in SharePoint?

dkim18 used Ask the Experts™

I think answer is no but let me ask.
I am looking for a rich text editor instead of a regular text box in asp.net 2.0 to keep formats of the text.
I am using the asp.net 2.0 textbox but text always shows in a single line.
I want something like a textbox in the SharePoint page.

Here is the problem. I am not able to use other third party tools or framework.
All I have are VS 2005 (no vs 2008 yet) and  .net framework 2.0 and 3.5.

I do have the SharePoint site. So  is it possible to create something like that with what I have.
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Ashley BryantSenior Software Engineer

You can change the size of the textbox quite easily (see below).  If you want to make some sort of rich text editor though...whew...that's a tall order.

<asp:TextBox id="TextBox1" runat="server"
    TextMode="Multiline" />

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Ashley BryantSenior Software Engineer

Just out of curiosity, why can't you use any third-party solutions?  There are quite a few of them out there that are free.

RTE (Rich Text Editor ASP.NET Control)
AjaxControlToolkit has an HTML Editor.


Just not allow to use them at this time.

Anyway, by any chance is ajaxcontroltoolkit a part of default AJAX framework?
Thanks for your input.
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Ashley BryantSenior Software Engineer

No, it's not part of the existing framework.  It's a Toolkit that you can download from Codeplex.  Codeplex is a site owned and run by Microsoft that only distributes open source stuff.  RTE and AjaxControlToolkit are both available there.
Senior Software Engineer
Actually, I take that back.  According to the AjaxControlToolkit site:

Ajax Control Toolkit in the ASP.NET Ajax Library

The Ajax Control Toolkit is now part of the ASP.NET Ajax Library. To use the latest version of the Ajax Control Toolkit, download the ASP.NET Ajax Library from the following Web site:


The Ajax Control Toolkit in the ASP.NET Ajax Library works just like the Ajax Control Toolkit that was released earlier as a standalone component. The new Ajax Control Toolkit in the ASP.NET Ajax Library works with ASP.NET MVC applications. If you are comfortable programming in JavaScript, you can use the new Ajax Control Toolkit for pure client-side scenarios.
In addition, the ASP.NET Ajax Library contains functionality that is not included in the Ajax Control Toolkit, such as support for client data access, client templates, and client data binding. The ASP.NET Ajax Library also enables you to use Ajax Control Toolkit controls with jQuery.

To learn more about the new ASP.NET Ajax Library, visit the following Web site:



Thanks a lot.

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