Route to another subnet with Juniper SSG5

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Hi i need help with something.
I have my main network on a Juniper SSG5.
I have one wire of my lan going to a separate network.
That wire in connected into the WAN port of a small router. The WAN IP is
The Lan of the network 2 is

Network2 can access Network1 without any problem.
I need to configure Network1 to be able to access Network2

I did try to add a static route on the Juniper SSG5 to using as the gateway but it did not work.
After that i created a policy trust to trust to to allow traffic.
It did not work.

Any help please?
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Adding a static route should do the trick bud.

However, make sure that the return route is fine as well.

Can you get us the output of the following:

g route
trace-route (or any host on that network that you know is up)

Also, double check the other side, ie the, and make sure that these guys have a route to get the packets to the Juniper.
I fixed my own problem, i bypassed the second router and created another interface on the Juniper.
Thanks for confirming bud and glad it's fixed

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