compaq 515 mouse not detected

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I have a Compaq 515 Laptop and the touchpad is not working. When I reboot it says "mouse not detected" during post and I have to hit F1 to continue.  A USB mouse works fine. I went into the bios and didnt see anything about disabling the touchpad in the BIOS. The touchpad doesnt work in the bios but the usb mouse does.
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The touchpad might have simply gone bad.  Are you still under warranty?  If so, they will send you a new front assembly which you could most likely fix yourself.
Before deciding to buy a new touchpad try to reseat the touch pad cable. If still the same problem persits, its likely that the touch pad has gone bad,

Agree wih FireRunt. You may have to change the touch pad.


how do you reseat  the touchpad.
MikeIT Professional


Usually, the keyboard and the touch pad is connected to the mother board via two separate flexible  cable.

You will need to remove the keypad off and then probably access the touch pad flex cable. Its important to follow the precautions closely. Must remove the battery when you need to work inside the notebook.

If you are able to remove the cable look for any damage on the cable.
To reset you the touch-pad you will need to carefully disconnect the touch pad from the motherboard.
Then connect it back. You need to have the service manual for your model. The service manual will give you the necessary guidance how to remove the touch pad and connect it back.

You can check out the HP site for the exact model.
Not sure if the link below refers to your model.

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