ASA and ASDM software upgrade - Which version?

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i. How often should I upgrade the ASDM and ASA software?

I am confused by the versions on the downloads section of the CISCO website - do I pick the latest version without an ED for stability?

ii. Is there a correct order? DO I updgrade the ASDM software first, and then ASA or the other way round?
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IF your ASA will start into ASDM or Command line, then its easy.   The ASA version pairs up with an ASDM version that is specified in the config of the device.  

If you upgrade the ASDM and change the code to use the image, but it doesn't pair up with the ASA code version, then you will get an ASDM error.  

When should you upgrade....   No real textbook answer here I say.    I upgrade whenever there is a new feature I want, or a patch fix for some issue.    The release notes will give you a good idea about what is in the new upgrade and its up to you to decide if you want to implement it.  

My personal opinion is to avoid the bleeding edge when it comes to major revisions unless it addresses some very critical need (vulnerability fix for example).    I usually let others work out the bugs and wait for dot version release.     If you open a TAC case with cisco, you can always request the "Latest Stable" release with whatever feature you need.   Cisco techs have have been very helpful in my experience in helping you identify the right code to download.

That's my 2 cents

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