Enable Intel VT in HP DV6 1319TX laptop - INSYDEH2O BIOS

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I have purchased a new HP DV6 1319tx Laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor
INSYDEH2O bios upgraded recently
win 7 home premium 32bit

When i check in BIOS i could not find any option to enable Intel VT and when i run some VMware check tools it shows that Intel VT is locked in bios - processor specs show that it was enabled for the processor

Tried checking all over and found that HP disables it by default

is there any way we can enable this hidden ( disabled ) option

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If it's not available in the BIOS you are probabaly out of luck.  Try downloading the latest bios and see if they enabled the option.  HP, Dell, Sony do this on purpose so that you have to buy a more expensive machine. I've had this issue with many customers and it's a bad way to treat customers.  

You may look around to see if anyone has a bios hack for this but be carefull.

The VT option is located in F10 Setup under the following selections:

Security > OS Security > Intel Virtualization Technology



i checked in Security >  but have only password related info and none other

some posts over web shows tweaking software for the same bios in Sony and acer but not for HP
Hmmm... I guess they change it with different models.

What you'll need then is a tool HP made:


It's been a little while since I played with it but it's pretty cool.  You can actually change the boot message from the bios!  You can customize lots of stuff even some thats not showing up in the bios.

Not sure if Win 7 Home has WMI which you need...
It's worth a shot!

Good luck!

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