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We continue to have users who are mapped to the drive.
Later, the will try to connect and they will no be able to.
I have to go to the command line and use the net use command and delete out the drives and then added them back in.  
Not sure why this keeps happenning.
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IBM documents this behavior in V5R3.  What OS version and PTF level are you running?  Are any error messages generated on the user's PC, or in their event log when this happens?  If you are on V5R3, check to see if PTF MF35717 is installed:

Microsoft also documents some other problems that may cause mapped drive connections to drop without being able to be reestablished:

Mapped drives to remote shares have a default 15-minute isle session timeout.  After 15 minutes, the connection will drop, an has to be reestablished.  If your system is slow, this could take a few minutes, leading users to believe that they cannot connect.

This timeout is designed to reduce the network traffic required to keep these sessions alive.

You can change the timeout on a given workstation, or turn it off altogether, just be aware that this will increase network traffic.

- Gary Patterson

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