XP stuck in boot loop

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Rebooted my XP laptop and its stuck in a loop. I get the screen which allows me to pick safe mode/last config/ normal, etc and any option I pick, it goes blank and restarts
On the safe mode it restarts when it gets to mup.sys

I tried
BIOS - default config, disabling usb options
removing extra ram, and anything else plugged in
of couse safe mode, last config, and normal bootup
removing the harddrive and scanning for errors
using bartPE and doing a restore point a few days earlier
doing a full chkdsk /f /r

Not sure what else i can do. If I plug the harddrive (using one of those usb adapters) into my desktop, I can open it without any issues, so I dont think the drive failed.

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I would try booting from an install disk and trying to do a repair install (not a full wipe and install, mind you) or just see if you can get in long enough to turn off the option that tells the OS to restart on system failure.  XP is defaulted to skip right over the old blue screen of death and instead just restart.  If you turn that option off, you can see what the stop error is and maybe work it out from there.

If you can get in long enough to check it, go to system properties -> advanced -> startup and recovery -> settings -> system failure -> uncheck 'automatically restart' (not helpful if you cant get in at all unfortunately)

Another option would be to try to run a memory test such as memtest86, which i think can be put on a usb drive and run without OS.

You could give this a try, basicly rebuilds half of the os. Sorted it out for me a few times!

Good luck!
MikeIT Professional

At the menu, choose disable automatic restart on system failure

Then you will get a blue screen instead of the computer rebooting

Let me know what the blue screen says
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Try restore again using BartPE but go back 3-4 weeks :)
I think you may not be able to Restore also right?
Dennis JohnsonIT technician

Are you still there? FireRunt's suggestion is the best to start diagnosing.


but I cant go into windows to change anything
Dennis JohnsonIT technician

This option is not in Windows. It is shown just before Windows starts booting. You can force the menu to show up:
Just after the BIOS screen, start hitting the F8 key continuously (don't keep it pressed) until the menu appears. You will find that option there.
None of these worked. Had to reinstall xp
Dennis JohnsonIT technician

Actually, you didn't try everything we suggested.
We don't (and will never) know what the BSOD was about............

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