Combining Adobe documents produces blank pages!

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Can anyone help with the following?

We have some pdf scans. The individual scans seem to be just fine but when you combine them into a single pdf you get an error message. "wrong number of arguments for a setcolor operator" and some of the pages show up as blank.

 Is it possible some setting has been changed recently on the scanner that is producing a different pdf output that is incompatible with Adobe?

Work around was to export the original pdf into a jpg and then recombine, but this is pretty tedious and hardly a workable solution for a large number of documents.

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A valid PDF will never be incompatible with Acrobat. The error you are seeing suggests a corrupt PDF. What product are you using to create the PDFs? I would complain to the maker of that product.

You could try to load the individual pages into Acrobat and try to do a "Save As" operation (not just a Save, it needs to be a save as). That will recreate the internal PDF structure. It is possible that the error will show up when you do the Save As, if it does not, there is a small chance that the resulting PDF will be correct.

There are a number of other solutions that you could use to combine the files (e.g the free pdftk command line tool or the commercial NitroPDF or Foxit PDF Editor).

I would not export the content as JPEG, I would use TIFF - JPEG is a compression format that is only good for photographic images. Anything else will result in artifacts.

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