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Sonicwall NSA2400 with Sonicpoint-N's

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We have a sonicwall NSA2400 and are looking into getting a wireless network with SEAMLESS ROAMING.

Can the Sonicpoints offer this? Has anyone any experience using these devices together?

The other solution we looked at was the Netgear Wirless Controller or the Cisco, but considering we already have the Sonicwall in place, we thought this may offer a good solution.
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For your Sonicwall model, you can get a SonicPoint, which is designed to work with NSA2400.


I have the older Pro 3060 with Sonicpoint G (Previous Generation) and it works great. I have 4 Radios positioned throughout the office. People have been roaming with Laptops, the Blackberry, Nokia E71, etc.. and the connection seems to handoff seamlessly. The Handoff will depend on the wireless card.

Initially, the Sonicpoints were okay, but they have since come a long way and improved a lot of things after many firmware updates. I would recommend it, especially if you already have the hardware.

The sonicpoint management interface is really easy to use. You can setup different VLAN with many different SSID, ie: VLAN-Guest, or VLAN-Office. I believe sonicwall has setup a site where you can test drive the management interface. But I'm not sure if they have sonicpoints installed as well.