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OK, I'm desperate after trying just about everything I can try at my level of network architecture. I recently purchased a desktop running XP Pro and added it to my wired network along with 5 other client XP boxes and one server running Active Directories. I configured it to obtain its IP and DNS automatically, the same as all the other systems. It also has the client side of SQL Server 2005 installed on it, again the same as all the other systems. The server has a fixed IP of course.

For some reason, this new box will run fine for an hour or so and then it will lose the ability to see SQL Server anymore, but it can still see the network drives.  The only thing that clears this up is a reboot. Thinking it was some sort of DNS issue I tried giving it a fixes IP address and specifically pointing it back to the server and that didn’t make any difference. I also swapped network cables to another port and still no luck. BTW, this may be unrelated but the “applying computer settings” step on reboot takes a long time compared to all other machines, maybe 5 minutes, and this is a fast dual core box.

At this point I would like some advice on what I can use to see or monitor the problem so that I can submit some results and get some help. My poor developer has to take about 5 coffee breaks a day while she waits for a reboot.
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve Guru

Load up Wireshark (wireshark.org) on the box. Turn on a trace of all packets and start collecting data.
Then, duplicate the problem.
Finally, start digging through the trace data (starting at the end) and you should see clues of exactly what is failing.
If you have ebough data, you may even get lucky to find the cause somewhere upstream.
Windows server is Active directory integrated with DNS server..?
Means Internal DNS server is installed..?

If yes then on server and on winxp clients Primary DNS address should be Server Local Static IP address and ISP DNS address in forwarders tab of DNS server Console.

And for this Dropping connection check the winxp firewall or any Antivirus Firewall installed on  xp PC.

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