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I need to run Multiple web servers with 1 public IP address. I have a windows network with server 2003 and server 2008 machines. All behind a PFSense firewall.
Any Suggestions?

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Use load balance servers: (One common address for your 2 servers) (For 2008) (For 2008) (For 2003)
Each webserver must have a unique internal ip address

If you use NAT to forward an external IP to an internal IP, then a single external IP can only be forward to a single internal IP.  

If you have multiple web servers for load balancing and fail over capabilities, you can configure a load balancer in front of your web server and use NAT

If you have totally independent web sites running on various web servers, you can use port forwarding (PAT) to forward different external ip+port to internal ip+port combination and make your websites available from the internet.  The only issue is you will have to specify the ports in the URL for the sites that are not on default ports.

It is probably better to get more ip addresses from your ISP.



First anwser requires another computer for the loadbalance server
Second anwser dosnt help becasue I dont want to have to buy and IP every time I need a website.

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