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I am the technology coordinator for a small (250 students) school.  Are there security areas that I MUST be aware of?  Are there freeware or affordable software solutions to address those areas?
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Is this a new enviroment thats being built or an existing your taking over?

basicly make sure the users are limited from doing pretty much anything. Kids will know eachothers passwords so there is no real way to track who did what so any vunurability that a kid learns from his brother will be abused.

Personaly i like to build everything myself so i know how it all works, i suggest the same thing. I do it all via GPO.

If you give me some more info im sure i can give you some pointers


No it is an existing system.  We have a computer lab with xenserver, and thin clients on every desktop.  I am using opendns for internet blocking but wonder if I am susceptible to a problem from one of our students reading how to hack a system on the net and wanting to try it at school.
With thin clients you should be pretty safe, just make sure they dont have access to CMD and you should be fine :). There are a few things you can do to overload but to do that the user needs to be by the computer, so i would use some monitoring software so you can see how cpu / memory usage ect is on citrix servers, if it rises to 100% check the citirx manager what user is doing it and track him down.

Thats what i did anyway and we havn't had any user caused issues since then :).


what user monitoring software would you suggest?
There is tones out there, we use two opensource monitoring programs called Hobbitmon and Big Brother (BBwin).

Its nothing special, just shows status over all servers running it, relays all evenlog messages you havnt filterd, and check all the standard things, connection, HDD, CPU, Memory, Ping ect.

We have programed some of our own plugins for it though so im afraid im not sure how it is standard.

Google Server monitoring and youll find hundreds or if you ask here im sure you can get some good easy ones that will do what you need to be done.

I cant tell you how many times good moniroting software has saved our servers from going down i can honestly say its thanks to that we can garantee 99.9% uptime to our customers.

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