Disable roaming profile in a TS machine

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I have a machine that I want to use only as terminal server  (Windows Server 2003) to run a application using TS... this machine is join to a DC

I want that when one user logon in this TS the TS don't load the roaming profile of this user (I only want that run a application, and when the application will be closed the session will be closed too automatically)

How can I setup this two features (Disable roaming profile loading in this TS machine and the automatic close of the session)

Thanks a lot
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bluntTonyHead of ICT
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Hi there,

To force the use of local profiles on a machine, use the policy:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows COmponents > System > User Profiles > Only Allow Local Profiles

(enable this setting in a GPO and link it to the OU holding the TS server(s) and roaming profiles will be ignored on these machines)

With regards to automatically logging a session off when an app is closed, I'm not sure that you can do this by configuring anything on the server. You could have a script run in a loop and check for the existence of the app running. As soon as it detects that the app is not running, it logs the user off. I'm not sure that this would be practical though. If you are interested in a script let me know.


This can be configured through the Local Computer Policy:

Start > Run > mmc
File > Add Remove Snap-in > Add > Group Policy Object Editor > Finish

Enable the following option:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles >  Only allow local user profiles.

Think that should help.
Henrik JohanssonSystems engineer
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Do it with policy (GPO or local policy)

To disable roaming profiles:
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\User Profiles\Only allow local user profiles

You can also separate the normal roaming profile from TS roaming profile
Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Profiles\Set path for TS roaming user profiles

For the running of application, configure the setting "Start the following program at login in the Environment tab of the user properties in ADUC or by using this policy setting
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Terminal Server\Remote Session Environment\Start a program on connection

One of the best link i came accross for troubleshooting Terminal server issues.

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