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I have an internal Helpdesk ticket sytem for the my companies maint dept. It is supposed to generate an email to the maint dept when a user enters a work order, and it is also supposed to email the user when work is added to, or the work order is closed.   It no longer works...I have been through it several times..  the only options to configure for  SMTP  are: server name...I have tried both the IP address and the FQDN.  The SMTP server admin log in.  I have tried using the domain admin login "administrator" and also tried "domain\administrator".  and then the password.
I can track the email to the exchange server.  SMTP: message submitted to Categorizer,  SMTP: Started Message Submission to Advanced Queue, SMTP: message Submitted to Advanced Queing. then that is it... it is never delivered.  If I go to my First Admin Group>>Servers>>Queues No Queues have any messages waiting.
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Are you saying this was working and then stopped working all of the sudden. any updates to the system?

when you say the only options to configure for SMTP...do you mean on your exchange box or through your help desk software.

What type of help desk software are you using?

this doesn't have anything to do with vista as the link suggests but it was the only thing i could find.


the SMTP settings are in the software....I have called tech support but no help so far.
It used to work, several months ago. but I just found out yesterday that was no longer working, and has not worked for a long time.  I have no idea... I will look at your link...I have several other utilities that use this same configuration and they all seem to be working fine...
From the machine with the software. Go to a command prompt and type the following commands, making adjustments as appropriate for your environment:

TELNET servername 25

EHLO domain.com
MAIL FROM user@domain.com
RCPT TO user2@domain.com


These steps have you telnetting into the SMTP port on your mail server.  Then you are entering a series of commands to send a test message.  Let us know what errors or symptoms occur when doing this.  If you are dumped back to your command prompt during any of these commands, tell us this also.

Do you have anti-virus / anti-spam software running on your Exchange server?


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