ESXi4.0 with VM converted from Hyperv give an error on boot up.

jimmylew52 used Ask the Experts™
This is the error.

The maximum resolution of the virtual machine
will be limited to 1176x885 at 16 bits per pixel.
To use the configured maximum resolution of
2360x1770 at 16 bits per pixel, increase the
amount of video RAM allocated to this virtual
machine by setting svga.vramSize="16708800" in
the virtual machine's configuration file.

How do I go about correcting this and is it a potential problem?
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Shut down the VM

Use the data store managment section of the vsphere client to navigate to your VM storage folder

locate the .vmx file related to your vm

copy the vmx file to your desktop (keep an unmodified backup - in case)
Add the line specified in the error svga.vramSize="16708800"
copy the modified .vmx file back to the vsphere folder
restart your vm

All should be OK, so far as I can tell


looks like one long string of text. Where to add the line?
OK, you probably need a better text editor than notepad. Try notepad++ 

You should pretty much be able to add it anywhere, once you can see the line breaks - I usual;ly put custom stuff at the bottom.


word pad worked fine. Thanks for the help

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