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I have installed OpenSuSE 11.2 on one of my desktops at work and successfully joined said machine to the local domain.

I have my KDE screensaver setup to require a password to resume a logon session.

(BTW, I logon with my winblows user creds.)

Every so often, when I type my pword into the prompt on my linux desktop (to resume a session), I get a notice indicating that my (domain) "account has been locked out."

A quick check into Active Directory Users and Computers (I have domain admin creds on another account) indicates that my user account has indeed been locked out on the (winblows 2003) domain controller.

What is causing this lockout on the DC and how do I remedy the issue?

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Hi you can use the software likewise I had some problems with my Fedora and SuseBox, but Likewise fix strange issue. You have an open version it's free.

It seems that AD blocks your account during some activity. Enable audit and take a look into Event Logs.


Dr. Evil:

Issue has not occurred again until today.  This is what I found in the security log:

"Pre-authentication failed:
       User Name:      seraphim
       User ID:            TRINITY\seraphim
       Service Name:      krbtgt/TRINITY.MO.US
       Pre-Authentication Type:      0x0
       Failure Code:      0x19
       Client Address:"

look at kerberos tickets.

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