Monitor Win 2003 Virtual Server with HP SIM

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I use HP SIM 5.3 to monitor all my HP Proliant DL G5 servers running Windows 2003 and ESX. I also have SIM set to discover the Windows 2003 virtual servers running in the VMware environment. SIM basically monitors weather the virtual servers are up or down but that is it. I want to be able to set disk thresholds and monitor disk space on my virtual servers via SIM. Can anyone guide me in the right direction? I don’t want to do anything else really, just monitor the disk space.  I’ve done a little research and it appears that HP has agents that I can load but I am having a hard time getting to the information I am looking for. As is typical with HP, the documentation is overkill and not to the point.  Also, cost is a factor so if I get recommendations I need to know if these are things I need to purchase.
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We use HP SIM too to monitor our infrastructure, but you can't use SIM agents in virtual machine since they are not HP hardware.
What you probably need is the HP SIM VMM feature. You have to pay for this. This allows for full management/reporting of Virtual Machines.
Check this out: -


Sage, thanks for your reply. It sounds like a nice product but at around $500 per license we cannot justify the expense. We have 26 virtual machines so I would be looking at $12,000. Is there no other way to monitor the disk space % on my virtual machines and set thresholds through SIM, after all that is all I am looking for? I'm pretty happy with the alarm monitoring in Virtual Center for everything else.
za_mkhIT Manager

Note, the licence should be per physical server (as far as I know)...

 But I just saw this today, In fact I will be using this! Not the same as insight monitoring but it will do the job.. :)

or you can use Veeam Monitor 5 freeware if you need be :-)

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