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We've recently moved our users from one domain to another, but are supporting both and have users active in both. all my users currently in SharePoint are set up as domain1/username. Is there an easy way to update all users with domain1/username to domain2/username? can anyone provide help with this?

If not, is the only way for me to give these users access again to go through each site and manually give them their permissions back?


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did you move your sharepoint to the new domain?

if so, you can use stsadm with migrateuser


yea, we moved to a new domain.... well sort of.... we're currently operating in two domains that are synchronized. 90% of our users are in the new domain, the rest are in the old. give it a few months and we'll all be in the same domain. this cmd looks like it will work, but for 519 users over 3 content databases - it's not really doing what I want. anything out there to do a mass update?

to add on to this, users in domain1 were renamed, and then moved to domain2. right now, if i search for a users to add to a site, i see 3 users for the 1 account:
1 - old username, old domain
2 - new username, old domain
3 - new username, new domain

2 and 3 i can live with for now (until we completely move all users over.) but then will i be left with 1, 2, and 3, when all I really want is 3? how do I clear these old users out of my SP platform?

(I've raised the points since I'm adding to my original question)

thanks for all the help


looks like I'll be doing it this way. thanks for the help

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