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Is there a way to change the look of the scrollbar that comes up in a div tag is overflow:auto is met? I always get the basic scrollbar was wondering if theres a way to make it look better. If there is can someone give me the css to do it? here here is a sample of my div tag that automatically creates the scrollbar:
<div style="height:350px;width:775px;overflow:auto;">
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hi, try this:

<div style="height:350px;width:775px;overflow:auto;scrollbar-base-color:red;">

refer for example to this:

but the scrollbar styling is not working in all browsers (it's IE only).


what happens in other browsers? Do you see a the gray scrollbar still?
yes, in other browser you will see scrollbars as defined in the users environment...

coloring the scrollbar is not contained in the CSS2 specs (only CSS3) so at this time it's only IE's behavior (as far as i know)


Thanks for the help that worked

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