how to connect to my pc from outside network

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I want to connect from outside my network to my pc at home.  I was told to go to and get my ip and then connect via RDP, but I was not successful.  I made sure that on the remote tab of my computer, that both options were checked to make sure that I could connect remotely.  

I have a linksys wireless router, could this be the issue?  Or do I need to make some changes to it?

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You need to open up port 3389 on your router or do a port forwarding setting on your router.  Or you could use logmein for free.
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I use TeamViewer,, also free for personal use. You can transfer files, and run apps as is you where right in front of your pc at home. For this and LogMeIn, you dont need to do anything at your router.

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Use logmein. Create a logmein free account and install the software on your home pc and then log in from your other computer. Fast and free and none of the hassle of setting up a vpn or rdp

The answer you accepted was a duplicate of mine. Shouldn't the point have at least been split?

Yeah, the points should be split.

@ mcsa -Your post wasn't there when I posted mine, if it was I wouldn't have said the same answer that you already gave

In theory, the points should be mine as it was posted first and almost 5 hours ahead of the post that was awarded the points.

It was posted 20 minutes later, not 5 hours.  Let's not lose perspective here.

Points split.

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