Synchronize Folders Between Servers over the internet

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I've searched for info on this topic in EE but although many threads come close, I haven't found my "exact match" yet.

I have two servers located in different places, both connected to the internet.

Can anyone advise me as to what software (paid or free) that will sync a folder (with sub-folders) between the two servers. It will need to sync pretty much instantly, take care of locked files, whole folder deletions etc.

I've looked at which probably comes closest, but of course all the content also sits on their servers. The solution can run on Win2003 or Win2008 on either server.
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Not the chepeast solution but a great product...check out Double-Take software.  It does exactly what you are looking for...real time data mirroring.  I use this product for one of my clients between their Los Angeles and Las Vegas offices and it works very well.  I believe the license is around $2500.00 per server.


Thanks Patmac951, I also looked at it but it's way outside my budget.
Have you checked out SureSync?  I don't have any personal experience with this prouduct but I have a business associate that has used this product and tells me it works well and is considerably cheaper than DoubleTake.
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You could connect the 2 sites using a vpn (recommended for file security, and use DFS with DFSR replication (2003 R2 or later)

Once initial replication is complete, it only replicates the change deltas.


Ignatius, from your experience is DFS:
1. quick to detect changed, new or deleted files
2. stable in terms of handling locked files, conflicts etc.

I've never used it, so have no experience at all.
You will still get conflicts, as you obviously anticipate.

At my place of work we currently use it to replicate shared folders for users in 4  different AD sites. It works without major problems

DFS Replication uses a conflict resolution heuristic of last writer wins for files that are in conflict (that is, a file that is updated at multiple servers simultaneously) and earliest creator wins for name conflicts. Files and folders that lose the conflict resolution are moved to a folder known as the Conflict and Deleted folder. You can also configure the service to move deleted files to the Conflict and Deleted folder for retrieval should the file or folder be deleted.

see for a decent overview of setting things up.

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