How to change display name on Comdial 8312S station phone

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I have a Comdial Impact system that is older than dirt.

I am looking to see how to change the display name on the Comdial 8312S LCD Phone display.

I did a lot of digging and only found one way to do it.  However it does not seem to work.

Here were the instructions:

From an attendant phone:

Press Intercom Button
Dial #06
Dial Station Number(extension) to be named
Dial # to clear current entry
Dial two codes that correspond to letter in name
Press speaker to end

Is there another way to do this?  Can it be done from dialing in outside of the office?

Thanks for any assistance
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Pulled this from the manual here:

Name the system telephones as follows:
1. Use letter code table (page 10–9) to compose names for all
telephones requiring them (up to seven letters per name are
allowed) and record the names on the station name record (pages
10–10 and 10–11).
2. Press INTERCOM.
3. Dial ¿ # 0 ¿ 5 3.
4. Select telephone to be named by dialing the extension number
(dial number plus # if extension number is less than four digits).
5. Dial # to clear any current entry.
6. Dial two-digit codes that correspond to letters in name (station
names must begin with a letter).
7. Dial # to save name or save cleared name.
8. Dial next extension number (plus # if less than four digits), dial #
to clear current entry, dial codes for letters, dial # to save.
9. Repeat previous step until all telephones are named.
10. Press SPEAKER to end.

Replace the question marks in step 3 with *.  Copy/paste from the pdf didn't grab them.


Thanks for the reply.  It seemed to work up until step 5.  The manual is not for the specific phone I have.  I will try and do some more digging at the site that you provided the manual link to.
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Let be more clear.  The manual you provided is version GCA70-250.  The one I need access to is GA70-258

I'm not finding any source for your specific phone, my apologies.


Did not solve the whole issue

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