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My consultants recommended using a XRoads EdgePro 100SXV for load balancing on our website and web surfing.  I looked at it and I am not sure why the Edge2WAN would not work.

We are a company of less than 50 users.  We have 4 servers and 2 ISP's.  On one ISP we have a T-1 and the other is cable.  

Server 1 hosts our website.  It is running MS Server 2008 Web.  It currently has a separate router attached to it.
Server 2 is the security server.  All internet traffic outbound including Exchange and excluding the website.  2008 Essentials.
Server 3 is the Exchange 2007 server.  2008 Essentials.  
Server 4 is the SQL 2008 server.  2008 Essentials.
All are 64 bit rack mounted.  These all use a 1GB switch.
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Probably scalability. The Pro supports up to 100 hosts but the most you can get on the Edge2WAN is 50. If you have 40 users and 4 servers, you are close to maxing out the Edge2WAN.

With the Pro you be getting twice the capacity of the biggest Edge2WAN for under 1.5 times the cost.

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