Error installing Java Development Kit on Server 2008 Core R2

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When installing Java Development Kit 6 Update 17 (64 bit) on a Windows Server 2008 Core (64 bit either Standard or Enterprise), I am receiving an error Installer : Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 3: The system cannot find the path specified.  I am logged on as Administrator and have tried this as a local administrator as well as a domain administrator.  I have successfully installed this version of Java on Windows 2008 servers that are running with the GUI interface and not in Core mode.  Any suggestions?
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What if you try to only unzip de jdk to the specified directory and setting JAVA_HOME. Would that solve your problem?


That was a good idea.  Tried it, but still am getting the error.  Even tried looking at a 2008 Server with GUI and set directories, paths and variables to be same with same result.  Any other ideas?
That's to bad! I realy hoped that this could be a workaround for your problem. I noticed that you were installing a 64 bits version of java. What if you try the java binarys 32 bits version. Unzip them in a directory an let JAVA_HOME point to it.

If thats not working, did you try an older or newer version of java?

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