Windows 7 Secure Attention Sequence (SAS) and WebEx Remote Access

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First, I'll say that I know WebEx does not currently support Windows 7 with their Remote Access client officially.  That being said, in my testing it seems to work just fine except for one thing.

If the remote machine is not logged in, then you cannot send a C-A-D remotely.  The WebEx client kicks an error about needing to enable the Secure Attention Sequence in group policy.  After spending all day Googling it, I've found the policy settings for Windows Vista, but nothing for Windows 7.  

What I'm wondering is if this setting simply does not exist anymore in Windows 7, and that's what WebEx's hangup is.  Or if it's just handled differently and they are trying to develop a way to do it securely maybe?

In the mean time, if I could make a change temporarily to make this work, then it would be my choice to do something that may be insecure, versus not being able to remote to a machine.

I was hoping someone might know if it is possible to remedy this SAS issue in group policy or the registry, albeit in an insecure manor - or if the hang-up here is that Windows 7 just handles this so differently that it can only be handled with special development.

Thanks in advance!

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The policy location for SAS is the same in (my machines anyway) Windows 7.  However, you can also workaround this error by turning ON UAC on the remote machine.  This only occurs when UAC is disabled, and applies to Vista, 7, and Server 2008.

UAC = User Account Control


I've got UAC set to never notify and I wouldn't mind turning it up a notch now that I'm done setting things up and installing things for the most part.  However, from what I've read, if I'm remoted in and do something that triggers UAC, I'll be stuck because that message won't be displayed on the remote view.  Isn't that right?

I went back and found another site that showed how to find the group policy option.  Previously I had just gone to admin tools, then local secirity policy.  Not the general local computer policy.  So I didn't see the computer configuration section at all where I was looking.

That was my oversight.  I'm still curious about the UAC question though.  Just for future reference when I use this for clients.  Right now it's just my personal desktops - and UAC is all the way off.  But I wouldn't want to just go shut it off on the clients machine without them understanding what that's about.

Also applies to GoToMyPC.

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